Small Business Software Solutions: Quick Guide

TECHNOLOGY  •  July 17, 2021

What Is Business Software and Why Do You Need It to Succeed?

Until recently, advanced business software was exclusively held in the hands of the corporate giants that could afford to use them. Now, the rapid advancement of technology has created affordable yet powerful small business software solutions that entrepreneurs can use to keep up with the competition and their deep pockets.

Whether you’ve been in business for years, have recently opened up shop, or want to launch a new startup venture, strategy and efficiency are the keys to success. Not sure which business software programs are available to you, or how you might leverage them in your day-to-day workflow? Here’s a brief breakdown of the best small business software options you should consider implementing today.

What is small business software?

Small business software, also known as a business application, refers to programs companies use to execute a variety of tasks more efficiently and effectively. They come in all shapes and sizes, from mobile apps to web-based platforms, hard drive installations, and custom configurations.

These sophisticated tools are offered by vendors or third-party companies who design and sell an Application Programming Interface (API) — the technology that allows two computer systems to communicate with each other — to solve (and prevent!) operational challenges.

Examples of business software solutions

Ultimately, the best business software should free up your time and improve your accuracy so you can direct your focus away from the tedious administrative tasks and toward what matters: running your company.

Here are just a few business software ideas that you might benefit from:

  • Cloud-based storage systems to safely save and access sensitive information
  • Project management platforms that integrate calendars, emails, and to-do lists
  • Virtual customer service and HR desks that reduce overhead labor costs
  • Automated marketing systems to eliminate the need for cold-calling
  • Intelligent monitoring that captures the volume, location, and activity of site traffic
  • Ticket management technology for superior response time to customer requests
  • Ticket management systems that enable businesses to stay on top of it’s customer requests

Why do I need business intelligence software?

Rather than thinking, testing, tweaking, and trying each new idea one by one, business intelligence software can take on the grunt work for you by replacing the guessing game with insightful information about your business, its finances, and its customers.

Gone are the days of handwritten bookkeeping, manual time-tracking, and physical filing cabinets. Technology is the backbone of today’s modernized workplace; without it, outdated companies are destined to fall behind in the dust.

Getting started with small business software

Whether you need to save time by automating appointments or have a business software idea that could optimize the workflow at your company, the available opportunities are truly endless.

Not sure where to start? Contact the experts at Digital Brain. From conception to implementation, our team of application and data scientists has a proven track record of creating the best-tailored business software for small businesses and mid-sized companies.